Doob Tube Holder Travel Wallet for Pre-Rolled Cigarette Plastic Airtight Tubes / Medical RX Storage Containers | Smell Proof Bag Alternative | Bundle with 4 Koala Doobtubes

by Koala Lifestyle
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  • TRAVEL SAFE: Doob Tubes are the only airtight, odor proof, and moisture resistant pocket sized...
  • KOALA PROMISE: If you don't love it, let us know. We stand behind our products!
  • HOLDS 3 TUBES: Our black vinyl pocket sized Doob Tube holder holds 3 large tubes for all your...

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A Week in the Life (vol. 1)

This was quite a busy week. At some point during it, I decided that although I wouldn’t have the time (and perhaps my readers wouldn’t have the interest!) to blog about many of the happenings during it, they deserved more than a single Tweet or Facebook photo. So here are some of the highlights of the week.

I spend much of my academic time steeped in critical geographies of development. So...

Source: Of King's and Vagabonds

Yahoo answersWhy is America expected to provide free college educations to every smart person in the world ?

  • Immigration

    I read and reread the stuff they have money for. Guess what: You are absolutely right. I've seen almost every bit of it with my own eyes (including a 16-yr old mom w/a flatscreen in each room, tho...

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    These days, any legal resident fluent in English and willing to work can get a college degree. More low-income and minority students are being welcomed into the most challenging high school courses. The number of minorities in A middle-class

  • The Gold & Silver Speculator (29 Nov 2012)

    This is a sample entry from Kurt Pfafflin's weekly market commentary newsletter, The Gold & Silver Speculator, published on November 29, 2012. Although nobody can really pinpoint exactly who is responsible for such a move, the typically fruitless

  • You Like To Drink; So Do We

    Guests will be able to sample amazing craft spirits — like a cacao-infused rum, and honey-infused vodka — from over 15 small-batch distilleries, and enjoy signature cocktails made by each distillery. In addition, guests will be able to participate in

  • 200 inmates released as result of drug lab scandal

    Deval Patrick has ordered a "file-by-file review" of every case handled by the chemist, Annie Dookhan, who investigators said manipulated drug samples at a former Department of Public Health drug lab where she worked for nine years. The drug testing

  • Infant drug screening is still wildly unreliable, but a positive result can ...

    “[The] addition of Head-to-Toe Baby Wash to drug-free urine produced a dose dependent measureable response in the THC immunoassay,” the investigators concluded . “Addition of other commercially available baby soaps gave similar results, Rather

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