d|-_-|b - Audio Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) - Legal High Video and Audio

The video was created by another youtube user. The audio track (created by myself) consists of a spectral image of the mandelbrot fractal which contains a few bands of frequencies to stimulate the delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma brain waves using beat frequencies which are a pyscoacoustic. To...

The rise in legal highs: What is the best way to deal with new drugs ...

With a picture of a nuclear mushroom cloud on the front of the packet, Annihilation doesn’t leave much to the imagination as to where it wants to take your head.

The substance is one of an increasing number of legal highs , synthetic drugs which mimic the effects of banned substances such as cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamine and, in the case of Annihilation, cannabis.

New psychoactive...

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Yahoo answersHow can I make a legal alternative to marijuana?

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    I'm not sure I get the gist of the question because there are 'legal alternatives' being advertised. If a legal high store is a dispensary then this is a request on how to grow your own. There...

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  • The increase in legal highs: What is the best way to deal with new drugs?

    Mrs Stewart has founded the drugs education charity The Angelus Foundation, which runs the whynotfindout.org website, giving information about legal highs . 'In the beginning we thought that banning a substance would take the drugs out of circulation

  • 'Legal highs' pose deadly threats

    ADELAIDE'S pre-eminent drug expert Dr Robert Ali has warned tens of thousands of ordinary Australians are risking death or serious illness by buying "legal highs" on the internet, falsely thinking they were safe. The director of SA Drug and Alcohol

  • 'Legal highs': Rapid rise in deaths reported

    The team looked at drug-related deaths that had been formally investigated by the authorities, based on information from coroners, police forces, and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. The study concluded that former legal highs , such

  • Portugal cracks down on legal highs

    LISBON — Innocuously marketed as incense or bath salts, synthetic drugs are increasingly popular among Portuguese youths looking for a legal high , despite a ban on selling them to minors. Adverts for these substances, responsible for a growing number

  • Legal high banned after Stratford MP raises issue

    It shows that the Government's Drugs Early Warning System and Forensic Early Warning System is working and providing the scientific information the Government needs to act. By calling Black Mamba a legal high those producing and selling this drug have

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